Smoked Garlic Bagna Cauda

I always pick up French breakfast radishes whenever I see them. They are impossible to find, except at the markets. Normally I slide them across some good butter and dip them in a bit of sea salt but after spotting some smoked garlic at the markets, I had to give into the bagna cauda.

The smoking really mellows the bitter pungency of the garlic. It would be great to be able to smoke it yourself. A quick google search will tell you it’s not difficult to smoke anything but a bit of equipment preparation is necessary. So until then, the markets will have to suffice.

Smoked Garlic Bagna Cauda

4-5 smoked garlic cloves

full fat milk (about 300mls)

4 anchovies, in olive oil or salt, washed and patted dry

a large nob of good butter (about 25g)

olive oil (20mls)

half a lemon

Cut cloves in half and place in small saucepan, just cover with milk and put on a very low heat for 10 minutes. Drain the garlic and repeat, this time leaving the garlic until the cloves can be easily squashed with a fork. This could take about 20 minutes and you may need to add more milk to keep the garlic mostly covered. Blitz with a hand stick blender.

Add the anchovies and whisk in, then add butter, whisk, slowly add the olive oil while whisking. Everything should be nicely emulsified. This is a thin mixture so don’t be concerned. Add a small squeeze of lemon juice. Taste and adjust accordingly.

This Northern Italian dip is best kept warm whilst eating. So if you have a small fondue set or a tealight candle holder you can place underneath that’s great. Otherwise eat quickly.

Serves 2 for a shared entree.

5 thoughts on “Smoked Garlic Bagna Cauda

  1. Ooooh, i like the sound of this particular dip. I am already starting to fantasize about serving it with some chargrilled squid or cold cooked new potatoes. Mixing anchovies and garlic is something close to sinful(ly delicious)… 😉

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