London Supper Clubs

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I have alot of things to thank Jamie Oliver for, one of them being introducing me to the idea of the supper club. While watching the Jamie in America series I saw him go to what they called, a guerilla restaurant, in New Jersey. Two women who used to work in restaurants and were tired of the restaurant scene decided they wanted to do something that restaurants couldn’t. They thought they could cook good food at home, for a fraction of the price restaurants charge. People could bring their own preferred wine, and meet in a more relaxed home environment

I was straight on the internet to see if a similar thing was going on in London. I was excited to find a list of about 8 supper clubs. This was mid 2009. Since then the supper club idea has absolutely boomed in London. It seems like there are more great supper clubs popping up each month. The prices range from about £15 up to £120, but the average price is now £40, and BYO wine.

Here are some of the Supper Clubs I have been to:

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