Vintage Vogue Entertaining

When I moved overseas I had to pack up a three bedroom house and divide the boxes and furniture between my sister, my parents and my grandparents homes. Most went to my parents, who had built two storey shelving in their garage. Some things, that I didn’t want eaten by rats, (my parents live in the country and yes they ate whole tupperware lids), I kept at my sisters. This included my Vogue Entertaining and Gourmet Traveller collection.

It was great to see them again after so long but I have barely looked at them since and the time has come where the need for space overrides the need to hoard.

I thought I might share the covers with you. I have only photographed the Vogue issues as they seem streams ahead in terms of styling and design. These issues range from 1994 – early 2002. There will be more to follow.IMG_0926IMG_0910IMG_0921IMG_0908IMG_0920IMG_0917IMG_0916IMG_0915IMG_0907IMG_0913IMG_0911IMG_0906IMG_0905