The Gourmet Traveller Challenge. February: The Montpellier Public House’s potted trout with dill cucmbers

Gee it’s nearly the end of the month and I haven’t made my monthly GT recipe challenge, and this is only month two! Time seems to fly so quickly, if only the weekend had one more day…

After my recent visit to The Montpellier Public House, there was no question what I wanted to make from this months GT magazine.

Last month I had enthusiastically made my first pickled cucumbers, so I didn’t really see the need to make them again when I still had some left. The recipe was much the same anyway.

I also didn’t read the recipe properly before I went shopping and bought a fillet instead of a whole fish and because I thought the recipe called for a fillet and the fishmonger had none I bought ocean trout instead of rainbow trout. I think it worked out ok anyway.

The recipe is simple (ok, so I think I’m going to break my own rules everytime). Here is the link to the recipe on the Gourmet Traveller website.

If you like the aniseed flavours of fennel and dill your going to love this recipe. It’s perfect for an easy dinner or a light lunch. I think it would be great for a picnic too. For me, it will be perfect for those nights I finish work late and am too tired to cook and nearly too tired to eat. I guess the trout will keep for a few days. The cucumbers will keep for a few weeks or sealed in a sterilised jar for 5-6 months.

The Montpellier Public House

Terrines, brawn, pate, rillettes I adore them all! I think Matthew Kemp does too.  He is the man behind the transformation of the fine dining establishment, Balzac, into The Montpellier Public House. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to Balzac before it closed, but I’d always heard great thing about the place.

I’ve been eyeing off The Montpellier for months and months. It was finally time to go! They have a restaurant upstairs but I was happy to stay in the more relaxed downstairs area for lunch.

The set lunch menu is ever changing and today’s offerings sounded like it would hit the spot.Pressed pork wrapped in more ham, fat and all, is excactly the sort of food I like to eat. I was so inspired by the country terrine that I went home and dragged out some books to try and make my own. That hasn’t happened yet but I have not forgotten. I’m just working out which one to make first.

The staff are attentive and great at advising those of us whose eyes are usually bigger than their stomachs. Heeding that I chose the pan fried sea mullet for main, instead of the roast I was thinking sounded good. Skin was crispy, salad was balanced, bread had soaked up all the flavours, ticked all the boxes.

A simple dessert of raspberry ripple and elderflower ice cream served with shortbread. I’m not a great lover of heavy deserts and this was perfect for me. The ice cream was so rich and creamy, thank goodness I didn’t have access to the rest of the stash.

The Montpellier is one of those places you can easily see yourself returning to again and again. Randwick folk, consider yourselves very lucky to have this place on your doorstep.