A Ligurian Wedding Feast

It was a beautiful early September day in Genoa, I think it was nudging 30°. The suited gents were struggling but from the moment we arrived at ‘La Manuelina’ in Recco, for the wedding reception the anticipation of the feast to come seemed to calm the sweaty men. That along with the shedding of some jackets and a few ladies heels.

The terrace drinks bar, where the Prosecco flowed.

Local Recco speciality, Foccacia di Recco. Unlike the idea commonly associated with focaccia this is thin and crisp topped with alot of melted crescenza.The restaurant lays claim to have invented the dish over a century ago, although others say it dates back to the times of the Saracen raiders when people would hide in the mountains for safety.

At the BBQ in a suit, love it.

Little tomatoes filled with ricotta, herbs and topped with parmesean grilled to for a crispy crunchy topping.

Lightly battered and deep fried courgettes.

Crumbed and fried aubergine

Deep fried cheesy herb balls

The meal.

In Italy the entrance to the restaurant doesn’t contain art work or flowers but fruit of the season, figs and mushrooms.

Lobster and monkfish salad

The house white from the Ligurian region.

Strasse with scallops and leeks

Second pasta course. Pesto trofiette and pansotti in a walnut sauce.

One of the senior members of the family run restaurant serves up the fish course in the dining room.

The fish from the bay with potatoes, tomatoes and taggiasca olives.

The intense, dry and apple scented white

Liquid dessert, fluffy peach and citrus soft sorbet.

Back out on the terrace for sweets, speeches, wedding cake and more Prosecco.

After a long day, and a long lunch, I had to face the stairs home…. still in heels.