Pistachio and Pickle – a Diwali feast

We have all been down Brick Lane at some time or other in our London travels and found ourselves being coaxed in to a curry house for a bit of rogan josh and rice. Diwali night Pistachio and Pickle Supper Club was definitely not conceived on a walk down Brick Lane. I mean just look at the menu! This was going to be really really good!

More weekend tube engineering works was not going to stop me getting to this do, so I grabbed a ride with Fernandez and Leluu and off we went, tummies rumbling. We were excited too as Matt had become a lovely friend since we met earlier in the year at the London Bloggers Dinner.

We were greeted at the door by Matt and Steve (Matt’s partner in crime) and given a glass of bubbles to start the evening off.  Their lounge room had been transformed by a long dining table waiting to seat 11 of us, although last week for his first supper club weekend he sat 16. Was lovely to see some other food blogger and twitter friends had come along as well, Hungry in London and dnaequalsfood.

Poppadums and homemade pickles to start. Lovely soothing mango chutney, coconut and sesame pickle and a perfectly balanced hot chilli pickle. I want the recipe for all of them!

Bonda and dumplings were lovely and crispy on the outside with herby potato inside.

Then came some yummy lentil soup made by Steve.

Matt has a friend named Kush, a very entertaining Indian friend who talks about how his mother served Indian every night except one “English Night”. His favourite was fish fingers. I’m sure they were not as posh as Matt’s though.

Wood Pigeon with lingonberry masala, coconut carrots and panch phoron potatoes. Soft medium rare woodpigeon served on a bed of spinach, and lingonberry marsala, worked so well with the game.

Homemade Paneer with tomato and onion pickle.  Can you believe Matt made his own paneer!!! I was so impressed, light and soft inside and lightly fried so there was a dry and crisp texture to bit into.

Dessert was Bebinca cake with pistachio kulfi. Made from a 400 year old Goan recipe, 20 eggs, sugar, rice flour and coconut milk and baked in layers this was one great cake. It is thought that the recipe first originated from Portugal. Filipino’s also have a version of bebinca cake, known as bibingka cake.

For afters was Chai tea and gulab jamun. Those little shiny oval balls looked amazing but I couldn’t fit another thing in. Going on the rest of the night’s food, I’d say they were fabulous.

Pistachio and Pickle is one amazing Supper Club. The food is definitely a cut above, and all for £35. It was delicious, interesting, beautifully presented, timely and satisfying. A little surprise goodie bag was also presented to us on the way out! A cute jar of homemade mango chutney, indian incense sticks and pistachio soap.

You must take a visit to Pistachio and Pickle. I’m only disappointed that I won’t be able to go to the next one and every one there after.