Greenhouse by Joost

Now this is what I expect from Australia. A restaurant with eco, sustainable, renewable, reusable and waste free in mind. Greenhouse by Joost has been seen in Melbourne, and as a permanent feature in Perth and now it’s Sydney’s turn. It’s creator, Joost Bakker, is a guy with alot of energy.

The floor is made from tiny pieces Joost cut from mining conveyor belts which were potential landfill. Chairs are welded together from old pipes and leather off cuts from a saddle maker in Ballarat. The produce is sourced from local ethically conscious suppliers. Butter, cheese and yogurt are made on site from scratch and oats are rolled fresh. Herbs are grown on the rooftop and fresh strawberries on the side of the building.

To top it all off the place has the best spot in town, camped between Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House in Campbells Cove the view is nothing but stunning. Greenhouse by Joost is only a pop-up, a fleeting experience open until the end of March after which Joost is packing up to recreate the installation for the International Furniture Fair held early April in Milan .

We arrived early, 1130, and were promptly served a lemonade full of zesty flavour and background sugar. We were hoping lunch would be served from 1200 and we were happy to wait and enjoy the view. Lunch service was a little slow as the waiter recited the short menu to each table and others who ordered after us were receiving their food.

Ok it was their first week open and they were still finding their feet. I really wanted to love the place. How could you not with the waste free ideals they strive for.

Both my sister and I wanted the beef salad but I decided to have something different. It ended up being a case of…oh I wish I had yours, so much. The wagu beef ($27) was tasty and the vietnamese style salad full of spice, sweet and sour.

My red mullet, currently the most sustainable fish in Australia according to Joost, with heirloom tomatoes ($25), was juicy and rich. Although after tasting the mouth awakening wagu beef salad it was hard to compete.

It was a bit difficult to get specific details from the waiter but the wines served are natural wines, mostly from South Australian. I had a well balanced sangiovese rosé ($9), perfect for the balmy Sydney day. The prices for our food are from memory peering over the counter as our bill was tallied. There are no paper menus.

Saying all that please don’t get the impression that I don’t love the place, I do. You don’t go for menu/service perfection but the experience. Maybe I’m not explaining myself well, the food is good the view is to die for, the concept is inspiring…what’s not to like. Would I go back, definitely but I had better be quick.