Lunch at Danks Street Depot

So it’s been a long time since I’ve been a ‘local’ in Sydney. In fact I still don’t feel like one yet. I still need my brothers Sat Nav to get around, I have no idea where to get my haircut and haven’t really had a restaurant meal here in 10 years. I do however know where to go to get a good lunch. Of course I started my research early in that department.

Danks Street Depot was not open when I lived in Sydney but I was curious after seeing their cookbook on a browse through Selfridges one Saturday afternoon. It looked gooood, really good. Opening in 2002, chef Jared Ingersoll was serving up food I wanted to eat in a relaxed open cafe style of place.

I love it when you sit in a cafe and it’s the standard to serve you a carafe of tap water. It makes me feel welcome and also reminds me to drink water. I need constant prompting.

This week in Sydney has been hot, actually really hot, tipping the 45°C in some areas. I’ve been struggling to eat more than salad. So what did I have today, salad. Pickled beetroot, roasted walnuts, ruby pink grapefruit, Valencia orange, goats milk feta and baby shoots, served with sourdough from Brasserie Bread Co.

I could be a beetroot ambassador, I love the stuff. There must have been at least 2 decent sized beetroots here, all the flavours worked well. Nice and fresh, I would have liked a few more walnuts but I’m not complaining. I’m not turning into a health freak yet either…I did sip my way through 2 glasses of Kladis Estate Verdelho (yes I enjoyed it) and I had dessert.

Vanilla pannacotta and red wine poached pears. I have been disappointed with over set pannacotta before but not this time. I plunged my spoon in and it gently gave way. I started to eat it smiling like I wanted to savour every mouth full although I couldn’t help but scoop up big creamy mounds, making it end all too soon.

The pear however was a little on the hard side which made it difficult to enjoy next to that pannacotta. I didn’t care though I just had maybe the best pannacotta to ever pass my lips.

Thanks for the welcome home Danks Street Depot..x