Momofuku Seiōbo

There was so much excitement and anticipation at the arrival of David. I have to say I was swept along too. Not so much because the irreverant David Chang was opening his first restaurant outside New York City, but because Ben Greeno was also coming.

I first met Ben at the Loft Project. He had just left Noma and had done his stint at Momofuku NYC. Clayton Wells, now sous chef at Momofuku Seiōbo, was also there with Ben. At the Loft Project, the kitchen is your own, your free to push the boat out as far as you please. What came out from that was nothing but exciting. So to imagine what together David and Ben might create for Momofuku Seiōbo kept me in a bubble of anticipation.

There was alot of talk about the restrictions of only having a $175 degustation menu and the online booking system, but none of them deterred me. I registered online and got a booking reasonably quickly, no problem there. As far as the menu goes, there are so many great cheap eats in Sydney, I think it’s was only appropriate David opted for a higher level of dining. Besides why would he go to all the trouble of coming over to open a noodle bar? This way Momofuku Seiōbo gets to show Sydney how they ‘do’ food and in any case the famous pork bun is on the menu, and yes it is as good as everyone raves about.

The music was pumping and I had a front row seat over the million dollar kitchen. This is what showed up on my plate…and don’t be shocked by the petit four, it’s mean’t to shock, that’s just David all over.

Snacks – Shitake chip, nori, mochi

The steamed pork bun

Kingfish, warrigal greens, furikake

white asparagus, marron, szechuan pepper

Beef, radish, fermented black bean and burnt watermelon

eel dashi, hailstone radish, chive blossom

spanner and swimmer crab, butter, pepper, biscuit (yorkshire pud)

baked egg, toasted rice, brown butter

hand torn pasta, goat cheese, chilli, mint

striped trumpeter, broccoli, horseradish, potato

lamb neck, daikon, pickled turnips

pecorino, honey licorice, bee pollen

wattle seed, malt, crispy milk skin

miso, pickled strawberry, toasted rice, mustard

petit four-sweet pork

 Momofuku Seiōbo

The Star,