Sweetcorn Soup with Red Peppers and Chipotle

Yes, it is summer, but it’s England and it’s raining. A little chill in the night air and you start to feel like something warm and comforting. When I saw this soup in Favourite Recipes from Books 1,2&3, Books for Cooks, I knew it would do the trick.

For the Soup:

30g butter

1 onion, chopped

2 garlic, cloves, chopped

1 carrot, chopped

1 leek, white part only, chopped

1 litre of hot water or stock

6 cobs of corn, kernels stripped with a sharp knife

1 tbsp lemon juice

4 tbsp double cream

salt and black pepper

For the puree:

2 red peppers, quartered and seeded

1 small garlic clove, crushed

chipolte in adobo

tabasco (optional)

To make the puree:

Put the peppers under a hot grill until charred and blistered all over. place the in a bowl and cover with cling film, leave for 10mins. Put the garlic in the food processor and whiz to chop, then peel the skins off the peppers and add to processor, whiz to a fine puree. Add the chipolte in adobo to taste (I like 2 parts red pepper puree : 1 part chipolte). You can whiz this with some of the soup stock in the processor if you like a smoother paste. Add a few drops of tabasco ( I forgot but it was certainly not lacking in flavour)

For the Soup:

Melt the butter in a large saucepan over gentle heat, add the onion, carrot, leek, garlic and cook with the lid on until softened, about 15 mins. Add the stock or water and raise to medium heat until vegetables are completely done and carrots are soft, about 10 mins.

Add the corn kernels, raise the heat and once it is at a rolling boil turn the heat off immediately. Leave covered for a few minutes before blending the soup  (a hand blender is sufficent but a soup blender/processor if you prefer). Blend for at least 3 minutes.

Add salt and pepper to taste, lemon juice (about juice of half a lemon), and cream. Serve hot with red pepper and chipolte puree on top.

Serves 4.

Adapted from Favourite Recipes from Books 1,2&3, Books for Cooks