Bompas and Parr – Artisanal Chewing Gum Factory

I don’t think I have many child-like urges left, except when it comes to Bompas and Parr. I was the first in my group to jump into the endo-stomach inspired jumping castle at the Courvoisier History of Food Installation,…..I loved it! It was the highlight of my experience. Bompas and Parr just create fun things!

When I heard rumours they were planning a pop-up in Whiteley’s shopping centre, I started making plans to go.

Upon arrival you head into the Flavour Library where there are a myriad of little jars filled with liquid scented flavours. Some of them conventional, strawberry, mint, peach, vanilla etc, others not so conventional, fresh garlic, green pepper, bacon, and ripe tomato, to name a few. The atmosphere in the  mood lit room is enhanced by the ethereal hypnotic music. It does create a feeling of building excitement. 

After choosing the flavour you fancy, or a combination of two, from the 200 choices, you then head to the factory where you can make your very own chewing gum! Your flavours are mixed and brought to you in tiny test tubes. Then the xanthan gum mix is presented to you before being taken away to be microwave zapped to a bubbling boiling slime. It took three years for Bompas and Parr to get their hands on even a small amount of the usually commercially enormous quantities of xanthan gum required for the chewing gum recipe. 

Tip your flavour in, along with the colouring of your choice, citric acid, glycerine, and mix away. Add loads of icing sugar and ‘knead’ (I say that in the loosest term). It’s messy to say the least, it’s really a kids paradise.

Roll into moderate chewing gum size balls and pop them into your Bompas and Parr Artisanal Chewing Gum Box. My very own box of chewing gum, such a feeling of accomplishment, until I tasted it.

Yes, I thought I would be smart and didn’t feel like wasting time with my nose in hundreds of flavour jars, I chose two of the first I smelt, quince and green pepper.  Well it worked when I made quince and pink peppercorn jelly but not as chewing gum…

Still, that was all my own choice and I think the point is it’s fun, not that you will come out with some amazing tasting gum. It is only open from 25-31 October, so you had better get in quick it you want to get your hands sticky with Bompas and Parr.