Bills – Woollahra

Lucky me! I had in my hands a voucher to eat at bills. Bill Grangers third Sydney cafe in the upmarket suburb of Woollahra. It was for quite a bit so my brother, sister and brother-in-law became lucky too. You can’t book a table at bills on the weekends so we just had to take our chances on the Saturday lunch rush. They looked really busy when I arrived but they soon found me a table while I waited for my siblings to arrive.

Coffee at bills is good. He has a custom made blend just for his restaurants from Single Origin Coffee. My brother has updated me on the Sydney coffee scene and he seems to think Single Origin is on top. oh yeah, and that’s my little sister in the pic.

Wagu beef burger with zucchini pickles and herbed fries. The burgers are served well cooked, which didn’t impress my brother who likes his meat not far off mooing. I like the salad on the side so that you can choose what you do or don’t like in your burger. The tomato sauce was freshly made too, no heinz bottles here.

I ordered the grilled halloumi open sandwich with cucumber, parsley, mint and tapenade bread. The freshest herbs I’ve ever had in a salad. Love halloumi, love tapenade, it was a good choice.

Prawn, chilli  linguini with rocket and lemon. Looks very homely doesn’t it. I think that’s the thing about Bills, it’s a cafe that serves good food but it’s the kind of stuff you could quite easily make at home with little sweat.

Bills at Woollahra does have a lovely outdoor courtyard with huge umbrellas, so rain or shine, it is a pleasure to sit in. I guess it’s the kind of place you could meet with friends and you’d be pretty certain that there would be something on the menu to please everyone.

Famous ricotta hotcakes with banana, honeycomb butter and maple syrup. There is definitely a reason why these are famous. The aroma of freshly cooked vanilla pancakes with pockets of warm ricotta are comforting. Now these are worth making a stop for. A weekend breakfast when you don’t feel like cooking…..absolutely worth the trip. And just so you know, this is a smaller dessert size portion.

I have had Bills brown sugar pavlova before, in London. I went to the dinner Bill held at Hix Selfridges sometime ago but never got around to writing it up. The pavlova was divine and my favourite dish of the night, so I had no hesitation but to order it this time.

My sister ordered the same. As you can see she got quite a few more raspberries than I did. Sadly it didn’t taste anything like I remembered, in fact it didn’t enjoy it at all. I thought the blueberries tasted a bit sour.

At the end of our meal when our waitress asked how everything was I told her about my sad pavlova. Without hesitation or even a thought of prompting she took both off our bill. Impressed, that’s all I can say. Lovely staff who work to ensure customer satisfaction will always leave me with a good impression. Bill, you should be proud.

8 thoughts on “Bills – Woollahra

  1. Haven’t had Bills’ wagyu burger in a while but your photo just reminded me that I did enjoy it all those moons ago…and the fries are pretty good too! And his ricotta hotcakes – *swoon* But I agree that his dishes are often quite simple and easy to replicate at home, obviously not to such a professional degree, and that may be why his cookbooks are so popular.

    Serious kudos for the swift-acting waitress with removing the pavlova from your bill – it’s a strong gesture for how seriously they take customer feedback.

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  3. Now that is seriously good service. The food does look pretty good, and i like that it’s realistically within reach of the home cook. You pic and description of the ricotta hotcakes had me drooling. They look like super tasty pancakes. And I LOVE pancakes. If there was one thing I would try above all the rest you described, it would be those.

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