Goodbye 2010

So much has happened in 2010, at times I could barely keep up, but I loved it.

I had been wanting to start a blog for such a long time but I was going about it the hard way with little techno knowledge, so I had put it on the back burner. Thanks to The Winesleuth I started my blog in June 2010. I had been on twitter for sometime chatting to the foodie world in London and beyond but the all the fun began once Vintage Macaroon really came to life.

After living in London for over 8 years I finally felt like I had found my place and my friends. Some special people really welcomed me into the London food scene. I was going to show favourtism and name them but you know who you all are. I miss you all very much.x

I have eaten at some fantastic places in 2010, The Fat Duck – on my birthday, Marcus Wareing, St John, Tudor Road, Fernandez and Leluu, Providores, Viajante,  an inspiring dinner party at The London Foodie‘s, La Fromagerie – for  a regular dinner of cheese and wine, Wapping Food – as a special leaving present, The Loft Project, summer lunch with Everythingbut, The Winesleuth, TheLondonFoodie and Eatlikeagirl ending in the infamous fall into Regents Canal, The Ledbury, Bob Bob Ricard and Shacklewell Nights – for my leaving dinner. Of course there were more but these are the ones where the memories are sweetest.

Leaving London was hard but in October I decided I would move back to Sydney. Time to be a part of a family again and settle down in sunny Sydney.

I have survived the first month. It has been like living in a foreign country, everything has changed so much since I left. Luckily I was home for Christmas and summer, I think this has helped the transition as I left a very cold snowy London. (although I do like snow :))

I have so many ideas that I hope will come to fruition in the New Year, and help begin my new life in Sydney.

So goodbye 2010 and London….hello 2011 and Sydney!

12 thoughts on “Goodbye 2010

  1. What a very touching post, you left a huge hole in our lives in London Debbie, meeting you in 2010 was one of the loveliest things to hppen out of blogging for me. Hope all is well. Happy new year!

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  2. oh, you made me cry!

    I’m honoured to be in such esteemed company and pleased it was me who pushed you into blogging (but not into the canal). I agree with Luiz, you have left a hole in our lives here but please, if things don’t work out in Sydney, come back, we’ve got plenty of food and wine 🙂
    Suerte (good luck), as we say here in Buenos Aires – yes, I’m still here for a few more weeks, and I look forward to your adventures in Oz. I might just have to take a trip over to see what all the hubbub about Sydney is anyway…..x

  3. what an honour to be on this list – thank you for coming into our lives, you are not gone really… love to you and all the best for 2011 xxx

    • Such beautiful comments, I’m lucky to have such lovely friends.

      Luiz – your message is so sweet, you were a big part in making my life in 2010 so much fun. You are so generous in making time for your friends. I’m so lucky that you thought I was worthy to be amongst them. I miss you and Dr G.

      Denise – I tried to write a post before I left London but I couldn’t, I just kept crying too. I’m sure our paths will cross again, definitely!

      Greedy Diva – I miss your wit and smile. Thanks for your support. I hope you head back this way one day.

      Kavey – Thanks for being such so lovely and for my special call at the airport.

      Uyen – Thank you, you have been an inspiration to me and I know to others as well. Your friendship is very special to me…..your right I’m not really gone, I just live a bit further away now.

      Lots of Love xxx

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