A Macaron Class with Edd Kimber

According to Edd Kimber, winner of The Great British Bake Off, all you need to know are a few little tricks and you can make your own macarons. Really? I needed to find out how to make these gorgeous little macarons and how to get it right.

It was coming up to my final week in London and I was going it hard. It seemed like I was always on my way to meet someone for more food or drinks, and sleep was not high on my list, as I didn’t want to waste a moment. I really had to break out the strong coffee to get the energy to get to the class but there was no way I was going to miss it! No way!!

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Sue, from LondonFoodFinds, generously opens her kitchen for Edd to bake in from time to time when he is in London. Lucky for us she opened her house for all of us: The London Foodie, Libbie, Kavey, Rachel, SlowFloodKitchen, Memalee, FussFreeflavours.

Edd talked about the basics of macarons and where people usually go wrong. Edd currently uses Pierre Hermé’s macaron recipe, because he has found it to be the best. You can find the recipe for these delicious salted caramel macarons here on his blog.

Edd is a very gentle teacher, and he gives simple explanations as he goes. He made it look so easy, giving us tips on how to get the results you want from a home kitchen.

Edd first made the salted caramel filling, so it would have time to cool. This is what gives flavour to the macarons as the colour of the shells is just that, colouring.

Edd travels to Paris to source alot of his ingredients and prefers to use mainly powdered colouring as it doesn’t add extra moisture to the macarons like a paste does. What a purist. We learnt how to look for the glossy ribbon-like wave that you need to achieve before piping, easy tips for filling a piping bag and how to pipe. He showed us how to make a reusable template for piping the macarons and how to rest them until the shell is dry to the touch before baking.

I like Edd’s precise way of baking, I guess that’s the way of a pâtissier and not a home cook like me. He gave me faith in myself and my own abilities that I too could make these little macarons. I have eaten alot of macarons in my time and Edd’s are good, really, really good.

Watch out for Edd in the New year, he is working on alot of exciting things. He will also be sharing his macaron making skills with classes in Central London. If your interested I highly recommend you email Edd  (edwardkimuk@googlemail.com) with macaron classes in the subject, for more details.

Thank you to Edd Kimber for volunteering his own time to teach us how to make macarons.

The photo of me practicing my piping was kindly provided by Edd’s brother, photographer Simon Kimber

6 thoughts on “A Macaron Class with Edd Kimber

    • It really did help watching Edd make his. Some cookbooks can make them sound so very complicated, I didn’t even want to attempt them. He was also saying his favourite cookbook at the moment is Bourke Street Bakery!! That brought a smile to my face. I hope I can make my macarons nearly as good as his.

  1. What a lovely way to spend your final days in London! Hope you are enjoying your new life back home, we are all missing you here! I thought Ed was great at explaining all the steps in a very uncomplicated manner, sign of someone who really knows what he is talking about.

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

    • Thanks Luiz, I really did make the most of my last weeks in London. I certainly wasn’t going to miss an opportunity for a macaron lesson from Edd. He was very kind to offer to do that for us.
      I really miss you guys too!! Hopefully there will be some exciting things ahead for me in the New Year to keep me busy!

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