Saltoun Supper Club

I have to warn you, I am a big Supper Club Fan. The Saltoun Supper Club was the first one I ever visited and I have a bit of a soft spot for the place.Arno Maasdorp is the man behind Saltoun Supper Club. After working in catering and restaurants for some 20yrs, collecting vintage crockery and trinkets along the way, Arno felt like really had no excuse not to start a supper club.  So in April 2009, Saltoun Supper Club was born. Tucked away upstairs in a terrace house in Brixton,  Arno hosts 14-16 people for dinner twice a week.It is not a supper club with big communal tables but one of  intimate dining tables. If you book for 3, you sit a table for 3. The space is cosy but not over crowded.  Surrounded by all the quirky plates, flowers, candles, bugs and a few stuffed birds, it somehow makes you feel at home. Well my home is not like this but I would be quite happy if it was.

There is a loft space where smokers can enjoy a quite cigarette without having to traipse downstairs in between courses.The courses are staggered depending on what time you arrived. The menu is fairly similar on each visit but, very well executed. Arno seems to have a talent for making things taste and look beautiful.

The starter is always a fresh flavoured surprise. This one was marinated ribbons of courgette with feta and herbs. I don’t know how he makes such simple ingredients taste so good.

This was one we had on another occasion. Broccoli and alfalfa sprouts with mandarin oil,  radish and ribbon carrots. A delicately flavoured dish, with simple ingredients, that was an excellent start to the evening.  It did make us laugh at the presentation. I had to show you.Entrée has always been Arno’s delicious gnocchi. Sometimes served with mushrooms or fried cauliflower and truffle oil. If you have never been truely convinced that gnocchi was for you, you haven’t tried Arno’s. Incredibly light but still holding a beautiful shape. I always look forward to this dish.On the last occasion we had duck rillettes with roast beetroot, cornichons and pickled onions, delicious! The gamey flavours of the duck and the sharpness of the cornichons and pickled onions, classic, great combinations.Main is a usually a hearty portion of duck, lamb or fish served with fresh crisp vegetables.

This is sea bream with a saffron sauce, roast onion, new potatoes, peas and broad beans. Every element of the dish was perfectly cooked, and brought together with the soft saffron sauce.

Desserts varies but the constant theme seems to be salted caramel, and Arno sure knows how to make it taste amazing. The first time I had it I was obsessed about it for weeks, trying to make it equally as good to stem the craving, but it failed to work. This combination of salted caramel, pecan meringue, and poached pears, was completely demolished by everyone at my table.

After all that you still have petit fours.

and the famous mint tea! I loved this teapot but Arno’s partner broke it!! Shame on you!

I always feel welcome at Arno’s, you get a real sense of his creative character with his ever changing nick nacks, and table decorations. His dishes are well cooked and beautifully executed. It’s a lovely place for a cosy evening with friends, eating alot of good food. You will definitely roll out of here with a full tummy and a warm feeling of a night well spent…



2 thoughts on “Saltoun Supper Club

    • The Supper Club scene has really boomed here in the last year. At an average price of £35, its such an affordable and interesting way to spend an evening.
      There only seems to be a hand full in Sydney. I wonder why it hasn’t had the same boom, especially with the huge population of foodies?

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